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Efecte sonore cinematice

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30 original sound effects & music tracks - WAV format, 48kHz, 24Bit

- Bass Drop with Flutter.wav
- Bass Drop.wav
- Braams v2.wav
- Braams.wav
- Creepy Drone.wav
- Deep Hit.wav
- Epic Hit v1.wav
- Epic Hit v2.wav
- Epic Hit v3.wav
- Flutter (Dry).wav
- Flutter (Reverb).wav
- Hollywood Hit v1.wav
- Hollywood Hit v2.wav
- Hollywood Hit v3.wav
- Massive Impact v1.wav
- Massive Impact v2.wav
- Massive Impact v3.wav
- Melodic Hit (High).wav
- Melodic Hit (Low).wav
- Reverse Tension (Medium Dry).wav
- Reverse Tension (Medium Reverb).wav
- Reverse Tension (Short Dry).wav
- Reverse Tension (Short Reverb).wav
- Riser (Long).wav
- Riser (Short).wav
- SciFi Atmos.wav
- Whoosh (Low).wav
- Whoosh (Short Reverb).wav
- Wind Atmos v1.wav
- Wind Atmos v2.wav

Inspire your audience.

How many hours have you used searching for sound effects?

Do you need a more reliable and faster way to create a solid soundscape for your videos? Imagine yourself getting inspired while scrolling through your sound effects library... 

30 essential sound effects for cinematic sound design. All our sound effects are easy to use, and drag & drop files that you can use with any editing software.

Speed up your workflow and add deep emotions and textures to your next project with inspiring sound effects, sound beds, and atmospheric soundscapes made by award-winning sound designers.

Enhance your story with big massive hits, whooshes, sound beds, deep drones, dark atmospheres, and evoke and inspire your audience.

Made for content creators that need to get inspired when working with sound. Dive right into your next video edit with a solid sound library that helps you to get started fast.

How is your next project going to sound?

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